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I'm Heather. I'm over-caffeinated, under appreciated and constantly amused by these two crazy peeps we call our daughters.

I started this blog in April 2006 because I don't want to forget a single second of this awesome life. Why a blog? Because I'm a slacker. That's why.

Baby books? I'd actually have to find a pen. Have you SEEN my house? (Shhhhhhht...NOT a question). Scrapbooking? Puh-lease. When you can add six more hours in the day MAYBE we'll talk about it. I do like to sleep. Occasionally.


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What I Love About Summer

All the extra nights I get to snuggle up to my little buddy. She's 8 and still loves to snuggle. I pray it never stops!


They named him squirt. They think they're keeping him. I'm not so sure about that.

Anyone else have a pet turtle?

Talent Show

The Ruler entered the school talent show for the second year in a row. She taught her friend Jacy one of the dances she learned in her hip hop class at Paco Dance Academy. They made some changes to the choreography, practiced every day at recess and after even met up to practice after school one day and well...they pretty much killed it!

We're so proud of the girls. And thanks to our friend Leo who taped the performance for us!

After School Projects

We're really lucky to have such an amazing staff at Roo and Lu'a school. On Mondays and Wednesdays when Roo and I have Girls on the Run a few of the teachers let the younger girls help out with whatever they have going on. Today, Lu and Aisley helped their amazing art teacher, Mrs. Roberts, decorate the stage in preparation for the 1st grade program.

I love that the girls actually want to spend more time at school and that they volunteer to help out. And I'm so grateful for the staff that truly invests their time in our children and encourages creativity and service.

Listen Earnestly

I saw this on Pinterest today and thought it was worth sharing.

via Spiritually Thinking

Love Notes

I came home from a late night at the studio and found this waiting on the table for me. I'm not sure which of the girls it's from but it totally melts my heart.

And I should also note that I am a lover of beets, not beats.


Roo and I did a little turbo shopping before our family pictures today. We ran into H&M and I asked Roo I she knew what the H and the M stood for. She said no so I told her it stood for Heather and Morrow. Apparently she didn't believe me as she replied, "or Hercules and Morons".

Thanks, Roo. I'll never set foot in H&M again without thinking of Hercules and Morons.

Who Cares

While The Lu is our artist, Roo is our writer. Every now and then I'll find things like this in her notebooks or folders. But none have hit me like this one did. 

It literally brought me to tears. I'm so in love with this girl and so proud of the confident individual she has become.

This little girl will change the world. I have no doubt about it.

Lucee Picasso

The Lu has really taken to drawing lately and while I'm her mother and I'm completely biased, you have to admit, she's pretty damn good. This is her latest drawing and I'm thinking it needs to be matted and framed for her room.

Dear Mr. Buddy

Roo has officially watched every episode of every season of Cake Boss. And now she's written a letter to Buddy Valastro. I'm so proud of this girl. Her wheels are always turning and she's completely fearless with her dreams.

If Buddy doesn't write her back I may have to make a trip to Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken.


Long Overdue

It's been a while since I've photographed my kids. And I forgot how much I loved it. (When I'm not bribing them with ice cream for dinner and iPod apps, that is.)

I caught these two of The Lu at the new studio a couple of weeks ago. Oh, how I love that little squirt!


LU : Sissy, I'm gonna cover this cake with white fondant.

ROO : No, you need to dirty ice it with buttercream first.

Cake Boss, much, girls?

via NY Daily News

She's So Thug

Yesterday, Roo hosted auditions for the band she's putting together and today The Lu decided to take advantage of the karaoke machine a friend loaned us. She's so thug. And I'm so proud.


ME : What the heck was that noise?
ROO : A yurp.
ME : What the heck is a yurp?
ROO : It's what happens when I yawn and burp at the same time. I just made up that word. It's pretty good, huh?
ME : Yep. Sure is, Roo.

Creative little stinker, that girl of mine...

Go Sparks!

My two favorite sparks and their awesome coach after today's game.

Lu Project 366 - Week 4

Day 22 : I'm grateful for medicine that helps me feel better.

Day 23 : I'm grateful for grate friend.

Day 24 : I'm grateful for my mommy.

Day 25 : I'm grateful for a mom who can take pictures.

Day 26 : I'm grateful for a mom who makes cool stuff.
(I'm feeling quite honored to have been the subject of her gratefulness three days in a row. I'll be sure to direct her to this post should she ever decide to become a teenager and hate my guts.)

Day 27 : I'm grateful for finding my dad's old toy's.

Day 28 : I'm grateful for barbies.

Roo Project 366 - Week 4

Day 22 : I am grateful for ribbons, stickers and pencils.

Day 23 : I am grateful for starting the Vietnamese New Year with Mimi.

Day 24 : I am grateful for my Mommy.

Day 25 : I am grateful for eating dinner with my mom.

Day 26 : I am grateful for my sister.

Day 27 : I am grateful for long lasting shoes.

Day 28 : I am grateful for more Bovas.

Lu Project 366 - Week 3

Day 15 : I'm grateful for climbing.

Day 16 : I'm grateful for silly friends.

Day 17 : I'm grateful for my dad playing bagpipes.

Day 18 : I'm grateful for a cute puppy.

Day 19 : I'm grateful for Chat'n Chew.

Day 20 : I'm grateful for yummy desserts.

Day 21 : I'm grateful for a trip to Good Company.

Roo Project 366 - Week 3

Day 15 : I am grateful for the grate weather.

Day 16 : I am grateful for spending time with my good friends.

Day 17 : I am grateful for my daddy.

Day 18 : I am grateful for homemade caramels.

Day 19 : I am grateful for presidents.

Day 20 : I am grateful for little mammals and spending time with my dad and sister.

Day 21 : I am grateful to be a soccer sister and the coaches friend.

Photog Spouse Problems

And he thought it was bad when it was just me...now even the kids photograph their food before they eat it.

I Love to See Her Soar

It just makes my heart happy.

Lu Project 366 - Week 2

Day 8 : I'm grateful for my dad because he rescues peoples lives. 

Day 9 : I'm grateful for power.

Day 10 : I'm grateful for basketball.

Day 11 : I'm grateful for blocks so kids can play with them.

Day 12 : I'm grateful for my grandpa.

Day 13 : I'm grateful for QuikTrip Fridays.

Day 14 : I'm grateful for my team.

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